BAILRY service

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The BAILRY service is a free regular (periodic) website accessibility check. There is also a paid service for constant analysis of site accessibility. The service is designed specifically for uninterrupted operation of checking a site for accessibility.

The frequency of the check (the frequency of the robot visiting the site to check) is once a minute (with a paid connection) or once every two hours (with a free connection). The check is carried out using two parameters – the server’s http code (server response code) and the text on the site page. When adding a site for verification (connecting the site to the service), the user sets these parameters.

As soon as the site connects to the service, the analysis of information received from the server (hosting) and the information left by the user begins. If one or both parameters that come from the server (hosting) do not match those specified by the user, then the user is notified about the problem by sending a letter (Email).

The letter is also sent immediately after the site becomes available to clients (when there is a match between the information from the site and the information left by the user). Thus, if you compare the time between letters (Emails), you can determine the downtime of the site. To better monitor the status of the site, place your email logo on the main screen (desktop) of your phone (tablet, computer) and set up a sound signal that will notify you that a new letter has arrived.

We recommend marking emails from our service as important so that you do not miss a letter about a problem or it does not end up in the Spam folder. Please note that the service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is, sites that are connected to the service are constantly monitored. This means that if a page of your site does not open when visiting, you will be the FIRST to know about it!

The cost of the service (connection to the service) is only 1 dollar per year. This is the lowest cost on the market! A free regular (periodic) website accessibility check is suitable for you if you are not yet ready to pay and just want to learn more about the operation of the service.