Error 523 Origin Is Unreachable

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This article will focus on Error 523 Origin Is Unreachable. But first, it is important to say that there are special services to monitor the online status of a site and assess site accessibility.

One of these services is the BAILRY service – a free regular (periodic) website accessibility check. This service also has a paid subscription for constant monitoring of site availability.

Error 523 occurs when Cloudflare is unable to contact your origin web server. This typically occurs when the network device between Cloudflare and the origin web server does not have a route to the origin IP address.

Ways to resolve error 523 Origin Is Unreachable

Contact your hosting provider to rule out the following common causes on your web server:

  • Make sure the correct IP address is specified for the A or AAAA records in your Cloudflare DNS application.
  • Troubleshoot internet routing issues between your web server and Cloudflare.

If your hosting provider changes your web server’s IP address frequently, please refer to Cloudflare’s documentation on dynamic DNS updates.

If none of the above options provide a solution, request the following information from your hosting provider or site administrator:

  • The MTR or trace from your web server to Cloudflare is the IP address that was connected to your web server before the problem occurred. Determine the connecting Cloudflare IP from the web server logs.
  • If you are using Railgun through a Cloudflare Hosting Partner, please contact your hosting provider to resolve the 523 error.
  • If you manage Railgun, please provide the following to Cloudflare support:
    • Tracing to your web server from the Railgun server.
    • The most recent syslog file from your Railgun server.

Finally, it is important to note that the trust of clients and users in your website, as well as your position in search engines, directly depend on the availability of your resource (website) at any given time.

And you can control this availability using the BAILRY service – a unique software product that has no analogues on the market. To stay informed, sign up for a free regular (periodic) website accessibility check today!