Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate

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This article will talk about what Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate is. But first, it is important to say that there are special services to monitor the online status of a site and assess site accessibility. One of these services is the BAILRY service – a free regular (periodic) website accessibility check. This service also has a paid subscription for constant monitoring of site availability.

Error 526 occurs when these two conditions are true:

  1. Cloudflare cannot verify SSL certificate on web server
  2. Full SSL (Strict) SSL is set in the Overview tab of your Cloudflare SSL/TLS application

Recommendations for fixing error 526 Invalid SSL certificate

For a possible quick fix, set SSL to Full instead of Full (strict) in the Overview tab of your Cloudflare SSL/TLS application for the domain.

Ask your server administrator or hosting provider to review your web server’s SSL certificates and ensure that:

  • The certificate has not expired
  • The certificate has not been revoked
  • The certificate is signed by Certificate Authority (not self-signed)
  • The requested or target domain name and hostname are found in the certificate’s Common Name or Subject Alternative Name
  • Your web server accepts connections on SSL port 443
  • Temporarily pause Cloudflare and go to (replace with your hostname and domain) to ensure that there are no problems with original SSL

If the server uses a self-signed certificate, configure the domain to use Full SSL instead of Full SSL (Strict).

Finally, it is important to note that the trust of clients and users in your website, as well as your position in search engines, directly depend on the availability of your resource (website) at any given time. And you can control this availability using the BAILRY service – a unique software product that has no analogues on the market. To stay informed, sign up for a free regular (periodic) website accessibility check today!